Scientific Education


What is a Virtual Conference?

Like face-to-face conferences, the main features that draw audiences to events are the educational presentations. Virtual conferences offer you the chance to sustain your paper without cost of travel.

Why is Scientific Education offering an online conference?

We are offering an online conference for a worldwide audience to discover the business economics and information technology. Also, people that are interested in publishing their work could do it from home avoiding the travel costs and/or changes in their time table.

How does this Virtual Conference work?

The 2nd Scientific Education International Conference on Business Economics (SEIC-BE) 2016 is a virtual conference that provides a digital space for authors and participants to submit, present and discuss on scientific papers. It is not held on a location but on this website that acts as a conference hall.

On the date announced, the website will be changed into a list of papers that will appear gradually over the entire day at a certain interval. At any given time, the current paper will be the main element of the page. In a 20 minutes interval, the participants can interact with the presentation and can comment or ask questions to the author. If the author is live on the site he will answer in writing right then, else he can answer even when the paper is archived. In that way, any scientific paper can be discussed for a longer period of time and is not bound by the time allowed for Q&A like in traditional conferences.

Every scientific paper presented will have its own web page that will incorporate:
  • Author presentation with as many details as the author chooses to send to our editorial team – a picture of him, some information about him (present affiliation) and some details about his work (C.V.)
  • The abstract of the scientific paper (paper that has not been published before). A browsable presentation format in PowerPoint style with or without video or audio attached (if the author chooses to send it to our editorial team)
  • The downloadable format (.pdf)
  • A Q&A and comments area.
On the scientific papers sections only registered users will have access (authors that payed for the participation at the conference).

Why to apply?

Applying on a virtual conference site not only will offer you the chance to work from home, but also your paper will be indexed in international databases and made known to a worldwide audience.

Do I need to have any special plugs or software installed on my computer?

You need a windows PC or Mac to interact with the online show and the Microsoft Office Word software to write the document presented in Call for papers/Guide for authors.