Scientific Education

Reasons why to apply

Cut costs

Now you have the opportunity to publish your paper on a web platform which will help you save money from travel costs!

Save time

SEIC-BE will respect your business agenda and will offer you the chance to work from home!

Same database indexing

If you publish your paper at our conference you will benefit from the same database indexing as our journal (JBEIT).
Plus, not only will you benefit from the advantages presented above, but also your paper will be seen by a worldwide audience.

Make connections!

For researchers is very important to meet new people and make new connections!
It’s amazing how interacting with only one person involved in business economics could change your professional life by simply presenting their points of view.
In return, you can do exactly the same – to inspire them!

Increase your knowledge and skills!

Beside trying something new and making connections, you have the chance to increase your knowledge and skills which will help you succeed in your career!
Also, you will gain new ideas which can be applied on creating future knowledge strategies for your career!


The participants from SEIC-BE will benefit of a 15% discount at the package they choose, if they publish their papers in our journal (JBEIT) for 6 months.

Have your own profile!

Each author will have his own profile page on our conference site where people can find out more academic information about him.

Win an Award

Our conference not only gives you the chance to sustain your paper online, but also it recognizes your efforts by offering you one of our awards.